Manuscripts and Archives

$ 150,000 - $ 3,000,000   Multiple opportunities

Manuscripts and Archives (MSSA) at Sterling Memorial Library is a vital special collections repository serving the needs of researchers from Yale and beyond. MSSA includes over 85,000 linear feet of collections representing 1,950 distinct historical manuscript collections and the University Archives. MSSA holdings document American political, legal, diplomatic, social, and cultural history from the eighteenth century to the present, as well as the achievements of Yale people across the globe. Archivists from MSSA offered sixty-six class sessions in the 2015–2016 academic year, including more than 1,100 participants, providing opportunities for Yale students to interact with primary source materials in a wide range of fields.

The renovation of MSSA will revitalize one of the most architecturally significant spaces within Sterling Memorial Library; provide for better stewardship of materials through environmental control and security upgrades; enhance the researcher experience with improved lighting, soundproofing, and consultation space; and create a secure classroom to meet increasing faculty demand for teaching with MSSA collections. Renovations are due for completion in the fall of 2017. Yale University is honored to offer seven distinct naming opportunities for the refurbished facility.

Opportunities within this category:

Manuscripts and Archives Reading Room $ 3,000,000
Manuscripts and Archives Classroom $ 2,000,000
Manuscripts and Archives Mezzanine $ 600,000
Manuscripts and Archives Public Services Suite $ 300,000
Manuscripts and Archives Class Preparation Workshop $ 250,000
Manuscripts and Archives Consultation Room $ 250,000
Manuscripts and Archives Public Services Manager's Office $ 150,000

Schools and units supported by this opportunity:

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