Yale Sustainable Food Program

$ 50,000 - $ 100,000   Multiple opportunities

The Yale Sustainable Food Program was founded on the belief that the most pressing questions regarding health, culture, the environment, education, and the global economy cannot be adequately addressed without considering the food we eat and the way we produce it. By creating opportunities for students to experience food, agriculture, and sustainability as integral parts of their education and everyday life, the Sustainable Food Program ensures that Yale graduates have the capacity to effect meaningful change as individuals and as leaders in their communities, their homes, and their workplaces. The Sustainable Food Program runs diverse programs that support exploration and academic inquiry related to food and agriculture, manages an organic farm on campus, and directs a sustainable dining program at Yale. Current-use funding is needed to support programs including the Harvest Pre-Orientation Program, the Sustainable Food and Agriculture Internship, the Yale Farm Internship, the Lazarus Speaker Series, and the Yale Farm Educational Program.

A part of the Strengthen Undergraduate Student Life opportunity

Schools and units supported by this opportunity:

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